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BySky "DataNow" Dial-up Internet Access

Get 56k analog modem dial-up with FAST 14X speed !!

We now offer both WebAccel and Propel to increase Web browsing speed up to FOURTEEN(14) TIMES that of a normal modem line.

If you are looking for DSL or high-speed broadband service, please visit for services from multiple partner providers.

Residential Users
Corporate Accounts
  • As low as $10.95/month
  • No roaming charges to use any of thousands of nationwide dial-in locations in the continental US and Canada on your primary network.
  • Up to 5 email addresses (
  • No cost to roam nationwide.
  • Optional low cost Web space to create your own personal site
  • Please see Terms of Use.
  • Same features as Residential Users, plus:
  • One invoice for all users.
  • Users can be on any of our networks for best coverage.
  • Quarterly billing against a purchase order.
  • Multi-link dual channel bonded 90Kbps for only $26.95/mo (high speed where dial-up is the only option). Combined with our 14X compression, dial-upWeb access can be as high as 400Kbps!
  • Please see Terms of Use. (prices do not include wired telco fees)
    Save 25% or more compared to other national services.
    With 100 users, that could amount to over $10,000 each year!
  • Network 1 dial-in numbers
    Network 2 dial-in numbers
    Network 3 dial-in numbers

    Michigan Numbers Only

    NEW! Check out our Michigan U.P. Numbers in 16 cities up North!!

    Colorado Dial-up Specials

    NEW! Check out our Dial-up Numbers for Fremont County Colorado: Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Salida, Westcliffe and others.

    Download WebAccel HERE. This program will only work with your BySky account and only if WebAccel is turned on for your account. If you have questions, please call us. [RIGHT click on the link and do FILE - SAVE AS. The run the program. Enter your id and password for your account.]

  • Sign Up for your Account Now! Just fill in this form and we will notify you when your account is ready and we'll send you set-up instructions.
  • Corporate Accounts: Please provide main contact information below. We will work with you to set-up all your users nationwide. Only ONE invoice for all users.
  • This form is for adding a NEW account. If you would like to make a change to an existing account please send email to instead.

    First Name
    Last Name
    Company (If Commercial Account)
    Number of users (Commercial Accounts)
    Street Address
    State or Province
    Postal Code
    Telephone Number - Day
    Telephone Number - Evening
    Current Email Address to notify you.
    Fax number to notify you.
    Birthdate- used for authentication.
    Requested E-Mail Name
    This is the EMAILNAME that will appear as your E-MAIL mailbox name ( Make it easy to remember. Limit is 17 characters. Keep it lower case. No spaces. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF IT IS NOT AVAILABLE.
    Requested E-Mail Name - SECOND CHOICE
    Requested Password
    Minimum of 5 characters. Any printable character is okay. Write it down.
    Payment Type
    Visa MasterCard Amex Trade Exchange of America
    Check (we'll contact you with the amount and bill you QUARTERLY in advance)
    Credit Card Number
    - we will automatically bill this account each month.
    Card Expiration Date (month/year)
    The card holder's name exactly as it appears on the credit card
    TEA trade number if trade(Billed Quarterly in advance)
    I want to sign up for:
    56k modem dial-up Internet access - $16.95/month ($19.95 trade)
    14X Speed Internet access - $19.95/month ($22.95 trade) - surf at up to 14 times normal speed!
    14X Speed UPGRADE - $4.00/month ($5.50 trade) - for existing RING! dial-up users
    14X Speed UPGRADE - $8.00/month (Not on trade) - for users of other ISP services
    56k Internet access 12 months in advance, only $134.40 ($10.95/mo.) ($175.40 trade)
    Dual Channel 100kbps Multi-Link bonded modem access. Requires modem/router ($495) and 2 dedicated phone lines. Handles LAN workstations. $26.95/mo. 300 hours. For those of you that can not get DSL or ISDN in your area. ($34.95 trade)

    There are NO start-up fees.

    The Operating System you have.

    Find your local access dial-in number (500K file). or Michigan Numbers Only

    Then, record it here:

    Acceptance Notice.

    I agree to abide by the terms and conditions established by RING! for dial-up access and authorize RING! to debit the credit card account show herein for monthly access. I understand that my credit card account will be billed automatically prior to the start of each month of service and that there is no refund for any service month after the 1st day of that month. Cancellations must be made prior to the 30th day of any month to stop service effective the next month.

    Trade and check accounts: We require your first payment to cover the period from your sign-up to the END of the next quarterly period. For example, if you sign-up on March 15, you will would pay for March plus the 2nd quarter, April, May and June. Thereafter, we require quarterly payments in advance of service. We'll issue trade slips at the beginning of each quarter or you can mail a check to avoid disruption of service. All payments must be received before the 1st day of the month begining the quarter or your account will be suspended automatically.


    I have read the Terms of Service and I agree to the above billing terms.
    Check YES or NO.    YesNo

    Allow 48 hours for your account to be activated. All of our accounts run from the 1st of the month. You can start your account any time, but all months are billed at the whole month rate. Thank you.

    Want to pay by check?
    Submit the above information electronically and indicate CHECK as your form of payment. We will contact you with the amount you need to get started, since the figure varies by start date.

    You may mail this form to:
    7092 Highland Rd.
    Waterford, MI 48327

    You may fax this form to:

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